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Colts RBs Richardson, Bradshaw to share 'equal load'

Are the Indianapolis Colts already conceding that Trent Richardson isn't the three-down back he was billed to be this summer?

Richardson played just 29 snaps to Ahmad Bradshaw's 44 in the season opener. Bradshaw ended up with 85 yards to Richardson's 51, as the former was more trusted in pass-heavy comeback mode.

"I think it's going to be a good, equal load," Richardson said of the backfield plans, via The Indianapolis Star. "Ahmad (Bradshaw) knows that once I get tired or once I'm winded, when I look to that sideline or he looks to the sideline, we know how to complement each other. ... We work well together."

The Colts didn't trade a first-round draft pick to turn Richardson into a committee back, but they can't ignore the obvious: Bradshaw is simply a more effective player.

"From game to game, it'll be different depending on the score and how we're using different personnel groups," coach Chuck Pagano said. "They're both more than capable of being every-down backs. ... Whether it's Ahmad out there or Trent out there, I feel good about both those guys."

In reality, Pagano doesn't feel confident enough in Richardson's effectiveness to saddle him up for an every-down role. If the Colts coach opts to go with a hot-hand approach, he will end up leaning heavily on Bradshaw for as long as the veteran's creaky body cooperates.

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