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Colts' QB situation uncertain as Monday night approaches

So just who will be the Indianapolis Colts' starting quarterback Monday night against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? Kerry Collins or Curtis Painter?

Colts owner Jim Irsay doesn't know, and he made it clear that no decision has been made yet.

"1)I already told some of u guys Coach Caldwell decides who plays, I would know, I own the team," Irsay tweeted on Thursday morning. "2)Kerry is still tying (sic) recover, Curtis MIGHT play."

Jim Caldwell said during his Thursday news conference that Collins is "still healing" from symptoms of a concussion and wouldn't practice Thursday. Caldwell confirmed that Painter will start if Collins is unable to play.

The Colts signed Dan Orlovsky after an audition Tuesday, giving Caldwell another option at the position. Orlovsky, who was with Indy in the preseason, isn't in the mix to start Monday at this time.

Irsay's Twitter feed is something of a journalistic minefield, where real news is dispersed amid a sea of rock lyrics, random contests and inspirational quotes, all done in a shorthand style that connects to the Justin Bieber demographic.

"There is no chaos/disarray," Irsay said nine minutes after updating his team's QB situation. "Thinking that is a delusion maker, nothing but unity n believe, that u could c sunday nite,fighting thru adversity."

We believe he's talking about the Colts here, but we'll let you decide.

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