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Colts owner Irsay takes to Twitter, shoots down reports

Being the NFL owner most deeply entrenched in social media (6,090 tweets and counting), Jim Irsay is fully aware of the reports that surround his Colts.

Irsay also isn't afraid to speak up when he believes they're off base.

On Sunday, Irsay used his Twitter account to shoot down reports that the Colts and Peyton Manning have discussed moving a March 8 deadline for the team to pay the quarterback a $28 million bonus that will trigger the remaining four years on his contract. He also addressed reports that he already has decided to take a quarterback with the No. 1 overall pick in the April draft.

"There has been no discussion of a deadline push,n just like '98 with Manning/Leaf, u have 2 go thru a long,disciplined process of evaluation," Irsay tweeted

Irsay didn't stop there. He then engaged in a tweef (tweet + beef) with ESPN's Adam Schefter, who reported Sunday on the Colts' search for a general manager to replace Chris Polian, whom Irsay fired along with his father, Bill, last week.

"First candidate the Colts tried to hire for vacant GM job was New England's director of player personnel Nick Caserio. Opted to remain in NE," Schefter tweeted.

Irsay refuted Schefter's report.

"Adam S,not true about '1rst candidate we wanted 2hire,' Irsay responded. "There is not any candidate we "wanted to hire" I haven't interviewed."

After a heated back-and-forth, Irsay went into full-on admonishment mode.

"Adam,don't say I wanted to hire someone I never talked to or met," he tweeted. "MISLEADING..come on,your better than that..get your head in the game,son!"

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