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Colts leading the pack, and it's not even close

You know the race for No. 1 has turned into a runaway when all four NFC West teams won in Week 10. The last time that happened, the Los Angeles Rams were battling the San Francisco 49ers for supremacy of the division. In fact, I'm so proud of the division I grew up rooting for that I'm giving the Three Stooges a pass for the week. But don't worry, I'm sure they'll be back soon enough.

Which team tops this week's rankings? You are just moments away from finding out. Or you could skip straight to No. 1 right now, but where is the fun in that?

Dropped out: NFC West

And without further ado ...




What happened to the Eagles that we used to know -- the squad that blitzed and actually tackled opposing players? Things started badly when the Eagles paid all of that money for Nnamdi Asomugha. Doling out hefty contracts and then underachieving? That's what the Redskins do. And you paid all of that money for cornerbacks and none of them covered Larry Fitzgerald? Up next: at New York Giants




The Panthers are at least interesting because of Cam Newton, who shields just how bad this team is. And boy are they dreadful. The Panthers remind me of that show "Las Vegas" which you can still catch on reruns on TNT. You get mesmerized by Vanessa Marcil, Molly Sims and Nikki Cox, however, you don't realize until much later that you just watched a steaming pile of garbage. And yet, you don't miss an episode. Well, I own the DVDs, but still. Up next: at Detroit




Monday represented a trap game for the Packers. They could have been caught off guard had the Vikings really brought their "A" game to Lambeau Field. Thankfully for Vikings fans, nothing like that happened. Instead the Vikings barely resembled a speed bump for the world champions on "Monday Night Football." Up next: vs. Raiders




It's just like the Browns to make a late-season run, but those early wins are going to end up costing them dearly. That's my Browns, doing just enough to not win or lose. You want to know how depressing things are for the Browns (well, other than losing to the St. Louis FC)? The Browns have scored 131 points this season, or in other words, the same number as the Colts. But the Browns do have two No. 1s they could parlay into the No. 1. Up next: vs. Jacksonville




I am still convinced that Mike Shanahan is looking for a way to get fired. At some point he will show up to games wearing sweat pants held up solely by a rope. Shanahan is going to end up looking like William Atherton at the end of "Bio-Dome" in Week 17 if he has to keep watching Rex Grossman blindly throw the football. Turns out, Shanahan's offense isn't so great when it's not being run by Steve Young or John Elway. Up next: vs. Dallas




The Colts control their own destiny, lose out and they have the No. 1 overall pick. That would put them in a pretty interesting situation come April if a certain underclassman declares for the draft. Somebody ask Peyton Manning how he feels about Miami. Up next: vs. Bye

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