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Colts GM: Jim Irsay's absence won't alter team's plans

Life around the Indianapolis Colts is different these days. Owner Jim Irsay is receiving treatment at a health care facility after his arrest on preliminary charges of driving while intoxicated and possession of a controlled substance.

General manager Ryan Grigson said Irsay's absence won't change the team's approach in the draft.

"Basically, Carlie (Irsay-Gordon) is just in place of Jim, for right now," Grigson said. "I don't know if many people realize, but Jim is so experienced and so weathered in terms of football experience and being around the game his whole life.

"He's never been a micromanager, never has meddled or anything like that. He leaves football decisions up to myself and the head coach. He's really been great in that respect. Carlie is going to be in his place while he's recovering."

Grigson talked about the love that the building has for Irsay, saying people would "run through a brick wall" for him. But otherwise, the team is operating business as usual.

"When there's big dollars or there's something major going on, Jim is always right there," Grigson said. "Again, he leaves the football stuff to me. He trusts me. That's what he hired me to do. He hired me to make football decisions and so I don't see any of that changing."

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