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Colt McCoy should have a few suitors on trade market

On Thursday night, Cleveland Browns general manager Tom Heckert essentially put a for-sale sign on Colt McCoy. On Friday afternoon, coach Pat Shurmur tried to minimize the fallout.

"I can categorically tell you that we have not engaged in any movement in regards to Colt," Shurmur said, via ESPN.

Note how he phrased that. Just because no one has called (yet) doesn't mean the Browns won't try to move McCoy this evening or Saturday. McCoy was drafted in the third round, and we doubt the Browns could get anything more than a late-round pick for him in return anyway.

The Plain Dealer supports moving McCoy, and we agree with the sentiment. The Browns made it clear they see Brandon Weeden as a starter after using the 22nd overall pick to get him. The team has a backup in Seneca Wallace. If the Browns can get anything in return for McCoy, we expect them to make a move.

So where could McCoy land?

1. Seattle: ATL heard buzz that the Seahawks previously showed some interest in McCoy on the trade market. Would he fit, with Matt Flynn and Tarvaris Jackson already there? For McCoy's rookie contract price, he could fit anywhere if the Browns are willing to give him away.

2. Green Bay: reported that the Packers are considering making a play for McCoy. He could upgrade their backup position, currently manned by Graham Harrell.

3. Philadelphia: This is simply speculation, but it's hard to imagine McCoy fitting on any team that doesn't run some sort of West Coast attack. McCoy just fits as an Andy Reid-style reserve.

UPDATE: NFL Network's Rebecca Haarlow reports the Eagles aren't interested in McCoy. ESPNMilwaukee's Jason Wilde reports the Packers will not trade for McCoy. Yikes.

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