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Colt McCoy reportedly put on trading block by Browns

The Cleveland Browns reportedly tried to trade quarterback Colt McCoy during the draft. It didn't work, so the team kept him on the roster throughout the offseason.

Tony Grossi of writes Friday: "When Weeden was drafted, I was told by an NFL source that the Browns didn't want to 'pile on' McCoy and just release him. They were sensitive to the fact he had gotten such a raw deal already."

Mike Holmgren talked about that "raw deal" on Thursday.

"I think (Colt's) a wonderful young man, and a good football player," Holmgren said. "And if you are asking me to say was it fair last year? He had a tough go and he didn't get as much help as I thought he was going to get. But heck, that's football."

Translation: Thanks for trying. It wasn't enough.

Seneca Wallacecan't imagine there being enough room for him and McCoy on the roster. Wallace knows things. Holmgren is likely to look for a way out for McCoy.

"They would like to find McCoy a new team, a new opportunity, to spare him the ignominy of being released. They will not demand much in a trade," Grossi writes.

A conditional late-round pick would probably get it done. We'd be on that happening. The Browns are trying to do McCoy a favor, but it doesn't do the 2012 Browns much of a favor to have this story drag out through August.

UPDATE: analyst Daniel Jeremiah reported Saturday the Browns are asking for little in return for McCoy.

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