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Collinsworth will apologize to Giants' Rolle -- if he's wrong

Remember the feud between Giants safety Antrel Rolle and NBC color commentator Cris Collinsworth that sparked after the last Giants-Cowboys game three weeks ago? Well, Collinsworth is willing to personally apologize to Rolle for his part ahead of this Sunday night's de facto NFC East title game -- that is, if Collinsworth was in error.

"I have apologized for things many, many times, and I will many, many times in the future -- when I'm wrong," Collinsworth told the New York Daily News. "If I'm wrong in this case I will do the exact same thing. But somebody's got to show me where I was wrong."

This beef stems from Collinsworth's criticism during the Giants' 37-34 win that Rolle was "barbecued" on a wide-open 50-yard touchdown catch by Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant late in the game. Collinsworth then immediately added more heat when he called the Giants' coverage "amateur-ish." Two days later, without specifically naming Collinsworth, Rolle responded by saying commentators think "they know what they're talking about, but in reality, they don't half of the time."

That brings us to this weekend, when Collinsworth plans on finding out for sure if he was wrong, because he intends on asking Rolle, Corey Webster (the other DB involved) and their coaches about the play. That ought to be an interesting encounter, don't you think?

"Believe me, if I'm dead flat-out wrong, if it ends up Antrel was right, and he was completely blame-free on the play, and I will say that," Collinsworth said. "But the answer can't be that everybody's right. I'm not putting that on TV."

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