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Colin Kaepernick: Seahawks' nickel D is vulnerable

Colin Kaepernick made it clear Thursday that he wasn't a fan of Richard Sherman's postgame rant after the NFC Championship Game. The San Francisco 49ers quarterback also has some advice for Peyton Manning in Super Bowl XLVIII.

"I think there are a lot of opportunities in the inside zones that (the Broncos will) have a chance to exploit, and when (the Seahawks) get their nickel defense out there, they'll have some good matchups.

"They have the receivers to match up really well with (Seattle's) defensive backs, and they'll have opportunities to make some big plays," Kaepernick told the New York Post.

It's an interesting point to make because the depth in Seattle's secondary nearly is unmatched. But few offenses can send out Wes Welker and Julius Thomas to complement two incredible outside receivers like Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker.

Kaepernick apparently believes that players like cornerbacks Walter Thurmond and Jeremy Lane can be exploited when the Broncos spread them out.

"From what I've seen of Denver, the depth they have at receiver and the playmakers they have on offense are better than some of the defensive players in (the Seahawks') nickel defense," Kaepernick said.

Oh, and finally, Kaepernick noted: "Go, Peyton!"

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