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Colin Kaepernick dons 49ers cap for Instagram photos

The brouhaha over Colin Kaepernick's hat choice on the Fourth of July escalated quickly.

After being pictured wearing a Miami Dolphins cap, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback said on Instagram he was "goin to wear what I want regardless of what you think."

The apparel choice -- and Kaepernick's response to those who believe it's in poor taste to wear another team's logo -- led to the quarterback sending out another picture Monday of him in a 49ers cap and Golden State tank top.

"It's just swag it ain't never hurt nobody! #GoldenStateofMind," Kaepernick wrote on Instagram with the photos.

Take it as relenting or another jab at jilted fans and commentators who continually compare Kaepernick to the likes of Joe Montana and Steve Young. Kaepernick showed he's a unique talent on the field and a unique character off it. Fans will forgive his garb once he rolls up a winning streak.

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