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Cody Latimer not in 'a rush' to start for Denver Broncos

While Jets rookie tight end Jace Amaro hopes to catch 100 passes in New York, and Saints rookie wideout Brandin Cooks believes he'll make an "immediate impact" in New Orleans, Cody Latimer has tempered his first-year expectations with the Denver Broncos.

Added to an offense that saw Demaryius Thomas, Wes Welker and Julius Thomas catch 65 or more passes from Peyton Manning last season, the rookie wide receiver doesn't plan to start come September.

"I'm here to get on the field, but it's not much of a rush," Latimer said. "I can learn from (the veterans) and don't have to get pushed into the system too early.

"I'll be on the field when I can, special teams, however I've got to play on the field. Like I said, it makes it easier for me having to catch on to the offense, not so much of a rush."

If Latimer sounds a tad passive, he's also employing sound logic. The loss of wideout Eric Decker in free agency will be filled early on with a combination of Andre Caldwell and the newly signedEmmanuel Sanders. Besides, Latimer reportedly will be limited through the start of training camp as he rebounds from a fractured fifth metatarsal in his foot.

Despite one post-draft report that this coaching staff expects the former Indiana star to roar back and compete for a starting job "this year," a supporting gig makes more sense. Besides, in this high-octane passing attack, Latimer -- even as Peyton's fourth option -- has a solid shot to top the majority of his first-year peers in yardage through the air.

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