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Clinton Portis ponders NFL future, 'cool' not playing

Clinton Portis marches to the beat of his own drum, has for many years.

The former Washington Redskins back was "heartbroken" when the team released him in 2011, but he hasn't officially called it quits from the NFL. He'd like another chance, but says he's "cool" with never playing another football game.

"Being away for so long, who knows?" Portis told WJFK-FM this week, via "I think I'm cool with the idea of either -- if I get another opportunity or if not -- to move on in life. I already moved on in life, really."

With a gaping hole in his schedule where football used to be, Portis has jumped into politics. He recently attended a fundraiser for Vice President Joe Biden, joking that he and the VP were "in a dice game together." The way Portis sees it, Biden and President Barack Obama have been unrightfully bashed for our nation's woes.

"I think so many people want to point the finger and blame them for where we're at within the economy and I don't think that's fair. ... You look at where we are in the economy and you see reporters talking back to the President and arguing with the President. You never would've seen that in life, and I think for them to be able to put up with it and continue to fight in trying to get this country back -- it took longer than four years to mess the country up, so it's not gonna be put back together and everybody's not gonna get a job in four years."

Portis continues to speak what's on his mind -- and did we mentioned the costumes? The man likes to dress up. A lot.

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