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Clinton Portis: I wanted to play with Tom Brady, Pats

Running back Clinton Portis returned to the Washington Redskins to announce his retirement on Thursday. The two-time Pro Bowl player finished the 2010 season on injured reserve and was released by the Redskins prior to the 2011 lockout. Several NFL teams took some looks at Portis last year, but the veteran would spend the season as a street free agent.

Portis discussed his decision to move on during a Friday morning appearance on "NFL AM".

"I think I realized, when I first left, that I was ready to walk away," Portis said of his decision to hang up his cleats. "I think the desire to play again was just to prove people wrong. (Prove) that I could still play. After I finally proved it to myself, and realized I was back and I could do everything, I was totally fine with walking away a long time ago."

Among the teams that were interested in Portis last year were the New England Patriots, who worked the veteran out in mid-August. The Seattle Seahawks also wanted to take a look at Portis in August and the Cincinnati Bengals worked him out in late September when Cedric Benson was in the middle of an appeal on a three-game suspension.

There was only one team Portis really wanted to suit up for and continue his career with.

"There was some agent conversation. You know, when I went on my visits, besides New England, I really wasn't excited or felt as if I was a fit into an organization," Portis said. "But you know, just the opportunity to play with Tom Brady was so exciting that you hope it worked. Outside of that, I really didn't feel as though I fit into another organization."

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