Cleveland Browns' Seneca Wallace to mentor Brandon Weeden

Veteran quarterback Seneca Wallace wasn't a fan of mentoring Cleveland Browns starter Colt McCoy last season, but he's singing a different tune about Brandon Weeden.

"I know my job going into my 10th season of being in this offense is to prepare Brandon Weeden to get him right and make sure he's ready to go for Day 1," Wallace told WKRK-FM, according to The Plain Dealer. "This is a different beast. This is a first-rounder that we drafted, 22nd overall, and from a business standpoint, you know and everybody else knows and outsiders know that this kid's got to play. My job as a veteran guy is to make sure he's ready to play."

Wallace, 31, welcomed the opportunity to address his lack of enthusiasm at the prospect of mentoring McCoy, who's 25.

"People looking at me and saying that he doesn't want to mentor, no, I'm more than willing," he said. "I've been a team guy for 10 years. There's never been a knock on me not being a team guy. I actually caught a ball from Colt McCoy this past season. It's not that I'm not a team guy and don't want to help out. At the same time, going into the season, I have to prepare myself to be ready to play in the event (someone is hurt)."

Last season, there was an open competition between Wallace and McCoy. This year, Wallace sees Weeden, 28, as a replacement for both quarterbacks.

"Going into 2012 now, with Brandon Weeden coming in, he's a first-round draft pick," Wallace said. "We all know the business side of it, and you're going to see that guy play, if it's Week 1 or Week 7, he's going to be playing."

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