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Cleveland Browns' Pat Shurmur vague on Colt McCoy

The Cleveland Browns are planning a complete reboot of their offense. It appears they don't see any reason to delay the process.

"We've added three (offensive) players, and we expect them to compete to start and contribute what we hope to be immediately," Browns coach Pat Shurmur said Friday, according to The Plain Dealer. "We'll see how it plays out. We got a running back (Trent Richardson), a quarterback (Brandon Weeden) and right tackle (Mitchell Schwartz). We feel like we got three players that are going to be there for us."

These aren't promising words for the ears of incumbent Browns QB Colt McCoy. But Shurmur said McCoy remains part of the equation ... at least for now.

"We've drafted a quarterback to come in and compete with him -- at this point -- and that's where it's at," he said.

It says something about the sorry state of the Browns' offense that even a draft focused on that side of the ball couldn't plug all the holes. The Browns went the first three rounds without drafting a wide receiver, a major position of need.

On Saturday, they selected Miami's Travis Benjamin, a small but speedy wideout who gives Weeden a deep threat if he can stay on the field. The diminutive Benjamin was a reach in the fourth round, but the Browns obviously felt they had to come out of the weekend with something at the position.

Not for nothing Cleveland, but Braylon Edwards is still available (ducking tomatoes, trash and apple cores). All right, forget I said anything.

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