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Cleveland Browns: Jon Gruden not offered part of team

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The Cleveland Browns haven't even made a head coaching job available since owner Jimmy Haslam took over, and they already are dealing with coaching rumors -- for another job.

WREG-TV in Memphis, Tenn., reported Tuesday night that Jon Gruden has a coaching offer to take on the University of Tennessee job. As part of the offer, Gruden reportedly would get an ownership stake in the Cleveland Browns. Haslam is a Tennessee grad and booster, although this report strains credulity for a few reasons.

The biggest reason: The Browns strongly deny it.

"Jimmy Haslam has no involvement in the University of Tennessee head coaching search, and the report that Jon Gruden would potentially have an ownership stake in the Browns is completely erroneous," Browns Vice President of Media Relations Neil Gulkis said in an official statement.

We mentioned a few weeks back that Gruden coaching rumors would likely get out of control this year, with word leaking that he's just as interested in college jobs as potential pro offers. We are just getting started.

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