Clay Matthews fined $17,363 for roughing Nick Foles

It was a rough week for aggressive pass rushers.

Packers linebacker Clay Matthews was fined $17,363 for his roughing the passer penalty on Rams quarterback Nick Foles, a league spokesman told NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport. The foul occurred in the first quarter when Matthews hit Foles with the crown of his helmet.

In other news...

  1. Michael Bennett can't get out of his own way.

The bombastic Seahawks defensive end was fined $20,000 for unnecessary roughness on Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton, Rapoport added.

Bennett didn't think the hit was that big of a deal.

"I was throwing a block on an interception. I don't think I was out of control, I just hit the quarterback," Bennett told reporters earlier this week. "I think because he's a quarterback it's a big deal. Players get hit all the time while doing their job.

"But obviously people care, because he's a quarterback, he gets paid a lot of money. I can show you tons of plays where offensive linemen are jumping on (defensive) guys all the time and it's not a big deal."

  1. Colts linebacker Sio Moore was also fined $17,363 for a roughing the passer penalty on Texas quarterback Ryan Mallett, Rapoport reported.
  1. 49ers running back Carlos Hyde was fined $23,152 for hitting Giants linebacker Jon Beason with the crown of his helmet. Beason was concussed as a result of the hit.
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