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Clay Matthews: Cushing case shows 'double standard'

The Houston Texans lost linebacker Brian Cushing to a left knee injury that came off an egregious chop block by New York Jets left guard Matt Slauson during Monday night's 23-17 win.

It was a flagrant low strike in which Slauson came from behind and cut Cushing's knees out from under him. ESPN's Jon Gruden noted the shady tactics, and one of Cushing's old USC buddies, Green Bay Packers All-Pro linebacker Clay Matthews, reacted strongly on Twitter to what he observed:

Continued Matthews: "Where is the NFL's protection on blocks below the waist like that on Cushing. Double standard!"

Matthews isn't alone in arguing that the NFL's hyper-focus on protecting its quarterbacks and skill players doesn't fully extend to those who make their living on defense.

The Texans won't be pleased when they sit down to review Monday's night game tape.

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