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Chuck Pagano: Colts' Austin Collie suffered concussion

Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Austin Collie indeed suffered another concussion when Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Larry Foote's forearm hit him in the head during Sunday night's preseason game.

It's disappointing news for a player who has a history of concussions. He suffered three in 2010, including one that knocked him out for the season. Colts coach Chuck Pagano said Collie was feeling "good" Monday and called him "day to day."

Pagano didn't make this concussion sound like a long-term injury, which frankly surprises us. Considering Collie's history, we have to assume every precaution will be taken. The Colts' depth chart is very thin at wide receiver.

We can only hope that the Colts won't rush Collie back on the field, because each successive concussion makes us wonder how many Collie can take.

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