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Christian Ponder wants to win Minnesota Vikings' trust

The Minnesota Vikings have remained dedicated to Christian Ponder all season.

There have been times when perhaps that wasn't the prudent thing to do; Sundays when another option at quarterback might have yielded more desirable results.

But Ponder is an investment in Minnesota. The Vikings will advance to the playoffs with a win over the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. It's time for Ponder to prove he belongs.

"I think everyone judges me a lot every Sunday," he said, via The Star Tribune. "We'll see what happens on this Sunday, but obviously this is a big game for this organization and for my career."

Ponder understands the gravity of the situation. He also understands this is Adrian Peterson's team, and Ponder's job -- more than anything else -- is to not get in the way of Peterson's greatness. Ponder did just that the last time the Vikingsplayed the Packers, throwing two killer interceptions to waste a 210-yard rushing performance by A.D. in Week 13.

The Packers -- playing for a first-round bye -- will do everything in their power to put Ponder back in the same situations he failed in last time. If Ponder falls short again, coach Leslie Frazier will have a difficult task selling Ponder as the Vikings' future.

"I'm in charge of how people scrutinize me," Ponder said. "Obviously, if I play well, it's a good thing, and if I play bad, it's bad thing. I can control all that with how I play on the field."

Frazier called this final run for the Vikings a "defining moment" for Ponder. The Vikings could find out Sunday if their faith in their quarterback was justified ... or misplaced.

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