Christian Ponder: Samantha Steele of ESPN and I are dating

With his Minnesota Vikings a surprising 4-2, quarterback Christian Ponder has plenty to brag about.

Including dating ESPN sideline reporter Samantha Steele.

"I'm proud of the relationship," Ponder said, via "I can brag. I've got bragging rights, I believe."

The 24-year-old signal-caller met Steele on the set of "College GameDay" a few months ago, and the two have kept their relationship quiet until now.

After a tweet sent by Ponder fueled speculation that the two were dating, the Vikings QB finally confirmed suspicions.

The fact that it's such big news came as a bit of a surprise to Ponder, but it's to be expected when you're an NFL quarterback.

"There's been a thousand articles today about it," Ponder said. "You can't really worry about it. You've got to try to keep it private, but that's just part of the industry, part of the job. I don't know. Comes with the territory."

Of course, as soon as the question of "Are they together?" is answered, the question of "How long will it last?" is asked. Ponder seems confident that he and the 26-year-old Steele can make it work.

"The cool thing is that obviously, we're both busy at the same time, so we don't get to see each other that much," Ponder said. "But at least one person isn't feeling guilty about not making the effort to do it or whatever. Then we kind of have the same schedule in the offseason, so that'll be good."

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