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Chris Kluwe tweets NFL fined him for Ray Guy patch

Chris Kluwe's grassroots campaign to vault Ray Guy into the Pro Football Hall of Fame comes complete with a price tag.

The Minnesota Vikings punter tweeted Wednesday that the NFL slapped him with a $5,250 league fine for altering his jersey during Sunday's 21-14 win over the Chicago Bears.

Kluwe stuck a Post-It note over the mandatory 50th Anniversary Hall of Fame patch on his jersey. "Vote for Ray Guy," Kluwe wrote, agitated the Hall has yet to induct a punter.

Guy was an iconic performer with the Oakland Raiders, appearing in seven Pro Bowls and winning three Super Bowls. Kluwe called the Hall "a sham of a system" for ignoring punters, but the NFL has not ignored Kluwe.

"My favorite part of the fine email from the NFL -- they end it with 'sincerely.' It's the little touches that let you know they care," Kluwe tweeted. "The good news is all the money goes to support former players through the NFL charity programs. Maybe they'll vote for Ray Guy. Fine amount was standard for a first time uniform violation - $5250. I knew the potential consequences going in. Don't cry for me Argentina."

Kluwe, nothing less than a nobleman, is fighting the quiet struggle. Punters -- long-maligned as some sort of subspecies in the NFL -- can rest easy this night knowing Kluwe operates as a free spirit and will defend his own until the Hall comes calling. Fists raised, punter-types. Revolution is near.

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