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Chris Kluwe: Sexual orientation inquiries unacceptable

The NFL said it will look into a team asking Colorado tight end Nick Kasa if he liked girls at the NFL Scouting Combine.

Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe wants the NFL to make it abundantly clear to all teams that those questions are unacceptable -- especially to those at the combine looking to impress.

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"They need to make it clear this is not a question that should be asked," Kluwe told "The Dan Patrick Show" on Friday. "The player is in a very vulnerable position right there, because he can't exactly tell a team 'go f- yourself' because he's looking for a job. And that gives the team a lot of power."

Kluwe has actively lobbied for same-sex marriage rights in Maryland, Minnesota and California.

"I can understand why teams are asking it, because they have this almost pathological need to know as much information as possible about players," Kluwe said. "They're going to be making a relatively large investment in that player, and anything that is surrounding that player can come back to the team.

"It doesn't matter what your sexuality is; it matters what can you do on the field. Hopefully in a couple of years, maybe a decade, we'll be past this."

Kudos to Kluwe for continuing the fight for equal rights.

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