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Chris Kelsay won't give up jersey number to Mario Williams

Some makeshift No. 90 Mario Williams jerseys already have been popping up in Buffalo. Apparently, there won't be any real ones produced.

Current Bills defensive end Chris Kelsay will not give up his jersey to make way for the prized free-agent addition, according to the Buffalo News. Williams will be assigned a number shortly, so the Bills can start printing money selling jerseys.

"I spoke with Mario. I actually brought it up to him, he didn't bring it up to me. He completely understood," Kelsay said. "I've worn it my entire career here. A lot of times in a situation like this, the guy will buy it from you. But I'm not really interested in that."

It's not like Kelsay is some second-year backup trying to make the team. He's been on the Bills for 10 years.

"People who have never played don't realize how attached you can actually get to a number," Kelsay said. "Having played with it my whole career, it was something I don't really want to part with, and he completely understood. That was basically it."

Kelsay is right. We don't understand that attachment as non-players, but it doesn't seem like a big deal to Williams, either. Despite the big contract, he gets that he's not an immediate leader on the team just yet.

Williams has more important things to worry about: Like getting new left tackle Cordy Glenn ready for the season by schooling him in practice.

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