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Chris Johnson says big Titans contract draws criticism

Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson is once again taking heat after a miserable start to the season rushing the ball against the New England Patriots. He expects the attention.

"When things don't go right I know everything is going to get pointed at me because I am the main focal point, I got a big contract," Johnson said Friday, via the Tennessean.

We went back and watched all of Johnson's carries from last week's 34-13 loss to the Patriots.

Sometimes he had no chance. Other times he danced around looking for the big play instead of taking a 5-yard gain. This is just what Johnson does; it's not a new thing. The difference is, lately, he's just not finding any of those big plays.

"I think he is lacking confidence in his offensive line, and I don't think he's trusting his eyes," SiriusXM NFL Radio's Ross Tucker told the Tennessean. "I don't think the Titans offensive line played great, but let's put it this way: running backs have had yardage with offensive linemen playing worse."

It wasn't so long ago we debated whether Johnson or Adrian Peterson was the game's best running back. Now Johnson looks more like a middle of the pack option that has a top-shelf contract.

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