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Chip Kelly stresses Michael Vick will face competition

Quarterback Michael Vick is back with the Philadelphia Eagles again, even if he's on a drastically-reduced contract. But Vick's role with the Eagles is very different than a year ago.

Speaking at a press conference Monday, coach Chip Kelly stressed that second-year pro Nick Foles has a shot to start.

"There's open competition. Both of them are outstanding quarterbacks. Who the starting quarterback is will be decided on the practice field," Kelly said.

Asked to guarantee whether both quarterbacks would be on the team heading into the season, Kelly said he hopes so. Vick's mobility seems to fit Kelly's system better.

"There's a skill set that Mike has that really excites me. ... I look at his skill set, how he can throw the football, how he can beat you with his feet," Kelly said.

Kelly also said he took the quarterback "landscape" in the league into consideration. Translation: Kelly knew he wasn't likely to find a better option behind door No. 2. Vick's injury history surely was a factor too.

"In this league, you gotta have two (quarterbacks)," Kelly said.

That's especially true when Vick is the favorite to win your quarterback competition.

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