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Chip Kelly slowing down Philadelphia Eagles' tempo

It's no secret that Chip Kelly's Philadelphia Eagles plan to move fast.

But quarterback Michael Vick says the coach recently told his players they're moving too rapidly for their own good.

"It was very difficult for us as a team at first because we just felt like we had to do everything so fast," Vick told WTXF-TV on Monday, via "And it took for Chip to call us into the auditorium in a team meeting to say, 'Listen, everybody relax and slow down.'

"You have to slow it down if you aren't doing it right. You can't be doing it at a fast pace and doing it wrong. Then it's time to slow down and teach."

Local media have noticed a less-frenzied tempo in recent practices, and that lines up with the heavy amount of instruction being doled out.

"We're really starting to pile on now," Kelly said. "And especially for some of the these young guys that piling on process ... I think you can hit a wall a little bit, but they've got to fight their way through it."

Another endurance test for Vick? Being asked endlessly about a quarterback competition that -- along with Vick -- includes Nick Foles, rookie Matt Barkley and projects Dennis Dixon and G.J. Kinne.

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"Yeah, it annoys me," Vick said. "It's very annoying. But you know what? Right now I'm focusing on being the best person, the best quarterback on the field I can be.

"And that's going to take being resilient after throwing an incomplete pass, being resilient when things aren't going so well. How can you come back from it?"

From what we've seen of Vick in recent days, that's a relevant question, indeed.

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