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Chip Kelly's Philadelphia Eagles presser full of ribaldry

In case you haven't noticed, Chip Kelly has himself a wry sense of humor.

Silver: Believe the hype in Philly


Riding a four-game win streak, the Eagles couldn't be more bullish on first-year coach Chip Kelly, Michael Silver writes. READ

The Philadelphia Eagles coach isn't going to be confused with Louis C.K., but we find it enjoyable that Chipsnark has the ability to sneak into otherwise mundane media interactions.

On Thursday, the man whose starting quarterback position now is settled for 1,000 years, was asked the following mind-melter:

"When the game starts and you start taking a look at what the defense is doing in terms of matching and playing (man-to-man), is it common for teams to not show you what their real intention is early so you think you're adjusting to what they're doing and then they flip to what they really want to do?"

Kelly's response was gorgeous.

"That's way too smart for me. I don't see that, and I know as a play-caller we don't do that," Kelly said. "Hey, I'm going to call three (expletive) plays in a row and let them think the next one's going to be (expletive), and then we're going after them. I think that's a little bit ... That's not my mentality, and that's what I meant.

"I'm not smart enough to ... I mean, you may think there's some (expletive) ... Hey, write that. If there's a (expletive) time on Sunday, just say, 'He's setting them up. We knew what he was going to do.'"

This is Chip Kelly working blue.

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