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Chip Kelly has 'no issue' playing at the pace of officials

Chip Kelly isn't worried about the NFL slowing down his famously high-octane offense.

On Tuesday, NFL vice president of officiating Dean Blandino that "we have to make sure teams understand that they don't control the tempo; our officials do."

The Philadelphia Eagles coach said Wednesday that he has "no issue" with how the officials run the game.

"If the speed limit is 65, even though I want to go 85, if there's a cop out there, you're not going 85," Kelly said, via "It's a real simple concept."

Kelly previously met with Blandino in March. Officials were at Eagles minicamp in June and will return on Thursday. Kelly said the NFL's rules aren't very different than the rules he played under while his Oregon teams were running up and down the field.

"We understand the rules of engagement," Kelly said. "I have absolutely no issue with them. We embrace the way they're doing it."

We'll see if Kelly still feels that way once the games actually begin.

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