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Chip Kelly: Conditioning plan helps prevent injuries

Much was made about Chip Kelly's new regiment during training camp. His smoothies and up-tempo practices became a novelty.

The Philadelphia Eagles coach claimed this week that his new sports science and conditioning programs were responsible for the limited number of players on the team's injury report.

"Obviously, the big issues you look at are the soft tissue injures, because those are preventable," Kelly said, per "If someone breaks a leg, someone breaks a leg. There's not much from a sports science standpoint or preparation standpoint that goes into the prevention of breaking a bone."

After a rash of ACL tears early in training camp, the Eagles have been among the NFL's healthiest teams. Kelly noted that minor injuries like hamstring and calf strains have been virtually nonexistent.

The Eagles staff and players have been guarded about their workouts and sports science methods. However, Eagles players openly have embraced the abnormalities, such as the odd exercise of practicing on Tuesdays -- a day most teams take off.

The players bought into Kelly's overall plans and say it has helped them on the field.

"I haven't felt like this in a long time," quarterback Michael Vick said, per the Philadelphia Inquirer. "Come game time I just feel fresh and feel like I've been in my best shape in a long time."

Now if only freshness won games.

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