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Chiefs interim coach Crennel: Orton or Stanzi will start Sunday

Romeo Crennel's time as interim coach of the Kansas City Chiefs might not produce any tangible growth for the franchise, but it has ended the surreal nightmare known as the Tyler Palko Era.

Crennel announced during his Wednesday press conference that Palko will be on the bench this week when the Chiefsattempt to spoil the Packers' perfect season (good luck with that).

If his injured finger is sufficiently healed, Kyle Orton will make his first start for Kansas City. If Orton can't go, rookie Ricky Stanzi will start.

Palko made four starts for the Chiefs, a stretch that might be best remembered for doomed 15-yard outs. Palko threw two touchdowns and seven interceptions, managing a passer rating of 59.8. The Chiefs' offense looked especially listless in a 37-10 loss to the New York Jets on Sunday.

"I've been through a quarterback controversy at another job that I had," Crenell said. "And just waiting and guessing and trying to figure things out, and I just felt like it would be better for (the team) to know there will be a different quarterback."

Crennel is referring to his time as coach of the Cleveland Browns when he was forced to choose between Derek AndersonBrady Quinn. These are problems Bill Belichick doesn't have to deal with.

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