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Chiefs fan to fly anti-Scott Pioli, Matt Cassel banner

We mentioned a few weeks back that Kansas City Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli was under fire locally after the team's slow start to the season. Quarterback Matt Cassel also is on the hot seat for a team that is desperate to win against the Baltimore Ravens this week.

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On Sunday, there reportedly will be a physical manifestation of all the frustration.

One Chiefs fan raised over $1,600 worth of funds in order to fly a banner overhead at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday with the message: "We deserve better! Fire Pioli -- Bench Cassel."

The idea took shape on a Chiefs message board, As our friends at The Top Spin point out, the story has since gained traction on three local television news shows. One of them even interviewed the fan who started the movement.

"We are not just getting beaten. We are getting demolished left and right," says the Chiefs fan, "Eric," who does not want his last name released. "There's just no life at Arrowhead anymore."

If nothing else, the story is a good sign for our economy. We have to be in a solid place as a society if we have the ability to spend money on banners asking to fire general managers, and then spend time making television stories and blog posts about it.

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