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Chicago Bears won't let money be issue in coach search

The Chicago Bears won't be funny with the money, jack.

Chairman of the board George McCaskey said cash will not limit the organization during its head-coaching search after Lovie Smith was fired Monday.

"Money was never a consideration, and it's not going to be a consideration," McCaskey said Tuesday, via the Chicago Tribune. "Our goal is to get the best guy for the Chicago Bears, and that's what we're going to do. When we find the guy we want, we'll hire him."

McCaskey said it wasn't easy to make the change and he didn't regret bringing Smith back for the 2012 season.

"Our family has high regard for Lovie," said McCaskey, whose mother, Virginia, owns the Bears. "He's been very high character all the way through. He's represented the Bears very well, and he's a good coach. I'm most grateful for Lovie teaching our football players how to become men. He came in yesterday, and it was an emotional situation. I know I was struggling to keep my emotions in check."

The Bears haven't gone through this process in nine years -- money shouldn't be an issue. Emery said he expects this team to win now. There might be a little pressure waiting for the new guy.

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