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Chicago Bears, Jay Cutler plan to use more no-huddle

When we wrote about the New England Patriots' fast-break no-huddle offense on Tuesday, we mentioned that plenty of other teams were likely to adopt parts of New England's approach. Next up: Jay Cutler, Mike Tice and the Chicago Bears.

"(Quarterbacks) try to operate the game plan," Tice said via the Chicago Sun-Times. "We did have some no-huddle the other day where we gave Jay some really, really good chances to do either/or, and I thought he did a great job with the no-huddle. We like him managing the no-huddle."

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Cutler ran some no-huddle in the second quarter against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, although they didn't score on the drive. Tice indicated he wants to give Cutler even more control or "real good, focused free rein" in the future.

Then again, it's not like the Bears are going to start breaking out one word play calls or making the no-huddle the foundation of their offense. Their offensive line is coming off a very strong performance. This remains a squad that plays to their strengths -- on defense.

"We just have to be smart with (the no-huddle) and do it at the appropriate time," Cutler said. "The line does a great job with the running game. What you hate to see is, you go no-huddle, and first or second down, you get 1 yard, then you have third-and-long. That's the thing you hate to see. You hope that doesn't happen."

In short: Don't expect the Bears to turn into the Patriots' offense anytime soon. Chicago is still trying to handle offensive basics like blocking.

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