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Chase Daniel brushes off injury, wants to lead Saints

New Orleans Saints interim coach Joe Vittalerted the media Wednesday that Chase Daniel will be shut down for a few weeks after suffering a thumb injury in practice on Monday, but the quarterback doesn't have any concerns.

Daniel told the Saints' team website that the sprain and hairline fracture in his throwing hand, which happened when he hit someone's helmet, aren't something that would keep him out of a game. His focus was on the opportunity he has received with the first team as Drew Brees continues his contract-related phantom act.

"I think it went as well as it could possibly go for me," Daniel said of the Saints' offseason program, clearly not factoring in a broken thumb. "I think the main thing that I was wanting to do was to get the confidence of my teammates. I think without a doubt, I've done that. The guys believe in me. They know I can run this offense and win in the NFL. Quite frankly, I think I can, too."

"Do I have a long way to go? Absolutely, but I think this was the perfect opportunity for me to get into the type of offense we have, show the coaching staff and show my teammates, the players, that I can do it in a season if my name is called upon."

Daniel still is keeping in close contact with Brees.

"I got off the phone with him a couple of days ago when this happened to talk to him about everything and how practices were going, really just to set my schedule for this coming month out in San Diego with him," Daniel said.

We must call into question Daniel's belief that his teammates know he can win in the NFL. Drew Brees? The SaintsknowDrew Brees can get it done. But Daniel only represents a hope, and we're guessing no one on the roster wants to find out.

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