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Charlie Batch, Andrew Luck had key throws in Week 13

Marc Sessler broke down the five runs that explained Week 13. Here are five defining throws:

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens remain the best rivalry in football because their games are so memorable. Years from now, Sunday's upset will be known as "The Charlie Batch Game." It wasn't always beautiful -- like the play below -- but Batch was very effective.

You've probably seen Andrew Luck's two sweet plays on the Indianapolis Colts' two touchdowns in the final three minutes of Sunday's bananas win. You might have missed all the difficult plays that set up those scores. The third-and-1 play below is a perfect example. Luck isn't worry about picking up the first down. He's looking to drive the ball down the field, even when his receivers aren't that open.

Tony Romo broke Troy Aikman's Dallas Cowboys career record for passing touchdowns in the most fitting way possible. Everything about the play looked off. From the protection to the routes, everything looked like a fire drill. But Romo and Dez Bryant both made terrific individual plays to make it work. It's everything that's great and awful about the Cowboys' offense in one.

The game-tying and game-winning touchdowns by the Seattle Seahawks were great. This catch-and-run by Golden Tate was another fun one typical of this Seattle offense. Russell Wilson has the confidence to go let his receivers make plays. Tate is having an underrated season.

With the game on the line and protection suspect, Aaron Rodgers improvised. And he looked to Randall Cobb to help put away the Minnesota Vikings and go to 8-4. Cobb has quickly transformed into the key receiver in the Green Bay Packers' offense.

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