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Charles Woodson on Cutler: 'Same old Jay'

Jay Cutler stepped into one last throw, took one last big hit, and threw one last interception. His final play Thursday night was a fitting end to one of his most miserable nights as a pro.

"It's the same old Jay," Charles Woodson told ESPN's Rachel Nichols after the game. "We just need to be in position. Jay will throw us the ball."

Jay threw them the ball. He held the ball in an 11-of-27 performance. In a sarcastic answer to a monumentally stupid question after the game, Cutler was asked if he envisioned a night this bad against the Packers.

"Yeah, I dream of throwing four picks and getting sacked seven times," he said.

It was that kind of night. The Packersplayed two deep safeties all game and the Bears never made them pay by running the ball or throwing over the middle. Cutler failed to make quick decisions or get rid of the ball. His offensive line didn't play well, but Cutler doesn't seem to adjust like many of the great quarterbacks.

Cutler reminds us of Michael Vick with a different playing style. On many nights, Cutler is electric. He can do no wrong. He can throw passes that few others make. But his good streaks turn ice cold. He gets frustrated, and lets it snowball. (And we're not talking about yelling at his teammates.)

We still never know which Jay Cutler is going to show up on a given week. Bad Jay was in full effect at Lambeau Field Thursday night.

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