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Chargers' Norv Turner angered by 'stupid questions'

It started with a simple question.

After Norv Turner's San Diego Chargers sunk to 4-5 on the year following Sunday's 34-24 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the coach told the media his team would "respond" against the Denver Broncos in Week 11. That prompted the following from a local television reporter:

"In your estimation," the reporter asked, "if they do respond and they still do play hard but still continue to lose, is that acceptable?"

Turner's face turned "the color of a blood orange," according to Nick Canepa of U-T San Diego, and "he raised his voice dramatically, and went off like I've never seen him go off before."

"What do you think?" Turner barked. "What do you think the answer to that question is? Answer it for me. No, it's not acceptable. You know the answer to that. Is it acceptable having a blocked punt and an interception for a touchdown? No, it's not acceptable to play hard and not win, but that's what happened."

Quarterback Philip Rivers took some of the blame, calling his fourth-quarter interception taken to the house by Tampa's Leonard Johnson a "ridiculous" occurrence, but it's Turner who might not be around for long if the losses and ugliness continue.

Turner passed Canepa on his way out of the media room. "I mentioned that whatever was under his collar was a bit hot," Canepa wrote.

"I'm not hot under the collar," Turner said angrily. "You ask a stupid question you should get a stupid (bleeping) answer."

The party's just getting started down in San Diego.

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