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Chaney says Eagles have potential to be just like Miami Heat

A bit of unsolicited advice for Eagles linebacker Jamar Chaney: Try not to compare your team to another team mostly remembered for failure.

This seems obvious, but Chaney might need a gentle reminder after he likened the Eagles' slow start to the 2010-11 Miami Heat.

"We're getting tested right now, and as long as we stay strong we're going to be alright," Chaney told the Philadelphia Daily News in Tuesday's edition. "The season ain't over yet. We're 1-2 right now.

"The Miami Heat started out the season 8-8 and everybody was jumping on them like it was the end of the world, and they ended up making it all the way to the Finals," Chaney continued. "It's not the end of the world."

Chaney's partly right. Mass hysteria isn't necessary for the Eagles, who at 1-2, could easily have a sustained run of excellence in them this season. But the comparison to the Heat, another star-drenched team, was faulty for all the reasons that seem obvious to us.

Miami had a top-heavy roster that was ultimately unable to define itself as a team. How the Heat are remembered is the exact fate this version of the Eagles are attempting to avoid.

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