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Chad Ochocinco should have plenty of suitors

Chad Ochocinco is not Terrell Owens. He's not a malcontent at the end of his rope. Ochocinco was also not a system fit in New England, so the Patriots made the smart move by releasing him on Thursday.

That doesn't mean Ochocinco's career is over. We'd be very surprised if he doesn't get an opportunity, and he may not have to wait long for a job.

The Boston Globe reported that Ochocinco looked great physically this offseason. He looked "very fast" and was in shape. He just couldn't figure out the Patriots' offense.

We don't think Ochocinco is a quality starter anymore. There's no guarantee he'll even make the team that he joins. But we're confident someone is going to give him another chance.

The San Francisco 49ers reportedly pursued Ochocinco last year before his trade to the Patriots, but it's hard to imagine them trying to fit him in with Randy Moss and Mario Manningham. The Oakland Raiders also reportedly had interest, but that was likely because of former head coach Hue Jackson. Now Jackson is in Cincinnati, and there's no way Marvin Lewis will want Ochocinco back.

Some candidates come to mind as possibilities:

Jacksonville: They are very thin at wide receiver. Ochocinco's old coordinator Bob Bratkowkski runs the offense there, so it shouldn't be hard to pick up the scheme. The Jaguars also may see him as a way to sell tickets. What better mentor could Justin Blackmon have? Hmmm ...

Miami: We aren't just listing them because Ochocinco lives in the area and the Dolphinsare about to be on a reality show, although that makes it more fun. The Dolphins' top receivers are Davone Bess and Brian Hartline. It's a team that Ochocinco could potentially improve. Once again, it's a team that is looking for more attention.

Dallas: The Cowboys need a third receiver and Jerry Jones is not afraid to take chances. Do we even need to say they are looking for attention?

St. Louis: Because Jeff Fisher is just crazy enough to do it. And because eight receivers is not enough.

Okay, we're stretching it with the Rams. It's hard to see many fits after those four teams. Ochocinco, however, is usually good for a surprise.

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