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Chad Ochocinco leaves Patriots OTAs on Thursday

It's been too long since we had a little Chad Ochocinco drama, so Thursday's news comes at just the right time.

The Boston Globe reports the Patriots receiver was at the team's facility on Thursday morning before later leaving "in a hurry." It's very possible something personal came up, but Ochocinco oddly removed the job title "Patriots wide receiver" on his Twitter bio. (Ocho later re-inserted the title after the Globe noticed its removal.)

A source told the Globe's Shalise Manza Young that Ochocinco still has his skills physically and is very fast, but he continues to struggle with the Patriots' playbook.

There is probably a good explanation to all this, but something tells us there is more to the story. With Ochocinco, things are rarely simple.

UPDATE: ESPN reports that Ochocinco had an eye appointment on Thursday and he has not been released "contrary to speculation." We're not sure what outlet speculated Ochocinco was released, but we're glad to hear Ochocinco's contacts will 20:20 this year. We also find it a little odd the receiver scheduled an appointment during one of the ten non voluntary voluntary practices of the offseason. 

UPDATE II: Yeah, he was released. That eye appointment must not have gone well. And we love his new Twitter bio

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