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Chad Ochocinco and other notable WRs looking for jobs

The inevitable became reality for Chad Ochocinco on Thursday when the six-time Pro Bowler went from non-productive member of the New England Patriots to *former* non-productive member of the New England Patriots.

The Pats unsuccessfully attempted to trade Ochocinco before cutting him loose, but don't take that as a sign the wideout won't find a job elsewhere.

Ochocinco joins a few other notable veteran wide receivers who are fair game on the open market. Here's our ranking in terms of likelihood of finding work:

1. Chad Ochocinco: As Rosenthal pointed out earlier, Ochocinco isn't necessarily a starter anymore, but he's not washed up either. He's in shape, "looks fast" according to The Boston Globe, and didn't cause an ounce of drama even as his numbers fell off the table in New England. He'll probably get one more shot at salvaging his NFL career, and it could come sooner rather than later.
Percentage chance: 80

2. Braylon Edwards: His one season with the San Francisco 49ers was an injury-plagued mess, but a healthy Edwards could be a steal for a team looking for a well-rounded and hungry player. Edwards has a history of divatastic behavior, but he was mostly a good soldier in New York, where he had solid chemistry with Mark Sanchez. The Jets are a dark horse at best, but if a team looks at tape of his last two healthy seasons, they'll see a player who did his job.
Percentage chance: 66

3. Plaxico Burress: Another former Jet, Burress is going to have trouble finding work. His eight touchdowns last season were a mirage, as he struggled to get separation from even pedestrian cornerbacks. Burress remains a capable red-zone target, but his eroding skills (along with the notable baggage) will make it difficult for him to continue his career.
Percentage chance: 36

4. Terrell Owens: The darkest timeline. T.O. fired his longtime agent this week and sent out a press release announcing his singular goal of an NFL return. The new agent, Jordan Woy, told the media that Owens will visit with all 32 NFL teams "on a consistent basis" (Ed. note: Huh?) until somebody gives him a shot. We haven't reached Jose Canseco levels of desperation here, but we're on our way.
Percentage chance: 0.81

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