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Chad Johnson's teammate: 'We don't need no clowns'

Miami Dolphins linebacker Karlos Dansbyinitially was upset about Chad Johnson's release from the team. That opinion was shared by some of his Dolphins teammates, but not all of them.

"This is a solid locker room we don't need no clowns here," one unnamed player texted Armando Saluguero of the Miami Herald.

(We think that unnamed player has stumbled upon the 2012 team's motto.)

Some players felt it was the right move. Others did not. Like coach Joe Philbinpointed out, you don't always agree with the decisions your bosses make. And with Johnson gone, other receivers have the chance to step up.

Dolphins cornerback Sean Smithnoted, via the Palm Beach Post, that it was "An opportunity for young guys who may not have that (big) name to step up. Marlon Moore, Roberto Wallace, Julius Pruitt -- those guys have big shoes to fill."

Wallace ran with the Dolphins' starters at practice following Johnson's dismissal. Pruitt starred in the preseason opener. Ultimately, we're not sure that Johnson was so far ahead of replacement-level wideouts. That's why we don't quite agree with former Dolphins coach Jimmy Johnson, who said he would have cut Chad "some slack."

There was a time that Chad Johnson was worth cutting slack, but we believe that time has passed. Philbin agreed.

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