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Center fight! Molk's bravado draws ire of Brewster

It's not often we come across a center with the ego of Michigan's David Molk, who sounds like he's starring in a body-switch comedy with some diva wide receiver.

Molk says he's the best center in this year's draft class, an opinion not shared by many analysts. Molk was incredulous when a reporter from told him many experts peg him as anywhere between the third- and sixth-best center on the board.

"The fact they could consider any center better than me is pretty stupid," Molk said.

Molk -- who won the Rimington Award last year as the country's best center -- then turned his attention to NFL Network's Mike Mayock, who called Molk too much of a "finesse" player.

"He never played against me," Molk stated, quite accurately. "I don't think a finesse player has ever had defensive linemen quit during a game; quit and give up because you're hurting them. I don't think a finesse player has ever done what I do, which is just ground kids out of the hole. I think the fact he called me a finesse player is because he hasn't watched me on film."

Molk added that Ohio State center Michael Brewster is "nowhere near him as a player," leading Brewster to return fire on his Twitter page.

"If they are talking, then you are doing something right," Brewster tweeted. "And Molk, keep my name out of your mouth..."

If only Molk and Brewster knew they're not so different. They both like Metallica (probably), pancaking guys ... and pancakes. Let's get these two in a room and start right there.

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