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Cedric Benson makes opposing scout 'nervous'

Cedric Benson took the ball from Aaron Rodgers, made one of his trademark hop steps to the left and saw a gaping hole to run through because just six defenders were in "the box." Eight-yard gain. Life as a Green Bay Packers running back isn't so bad.

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Life with Cedric Benson as the Packers' running back might work out pretty well, too.

Three of Benson's six runs Thursday night against the Cincinnati Bengals went for at least 8 yards. He added a 10-yard catch. Competent, tough running could be a huge upgrade for this Packers team.

"He made me a little nervous," one scout from another team told Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "You think they're struggling there (running back), and then this. I know he's fresh, but he's still a quality player."

"He looked good -- really good," said a different personnel man. "Quick. He looks like he fits the offense well. Obviously, he'll start."

That source said Benson could be the Packers' best back since Ahman Green in 2006. McGinn wrote that Benson looked like the kind of "real back" the Packers haven't had in a while.

Benson isn't one of the best 15 running backs in football. He doesn't break big plays anymore, and he's mediocre in the passing game. But the Packers only need their backs to throw an occasional changeup. They need their backs to take advantage of everything that playing with Aaron Rodgers affords.

Benson can do that.

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