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Cecil Newton -- brother of Cam -- lands with Packers

Icon time in Title Town. Sort of.

Green Bay's Super Bowl run last season kept the Packers miles from the top pick in April's draft, but they hope to capture a slice of the magic Cam Newton's dished out.

The Packersannounced Thursday that they've added Cecil Newton -- Cam's brother -- to their practice squad, but he's not about to threaten Aaron Rodgers. This Newton's a 6-foot-2, 315-pound guard and center, brought in to offset injuries to Packers linemen Chad Clifton and Bryan Bulaga.

After a successful career at Tennessee State, Cecil went undrafted in 2009 before logging preseason work that year with the Jacksonville Jaguars and then with the Saints in 2011. Cecil also was drafted in 2011 by the Hartford Colonials of the United Football League.

He's named after his father, Cecil Newton Sr., who spent much of 2010 embroiled in allegations that he pursued a substantial sum of money in return for Cam to play at Mississippi State. 

Unlike his brother and father, Cecil Jr.'s flown far under the radar -- somewhere in the territory of Michael Jordan's brother Larry -- but now he's got a shot to make a name for himself with a Packers team in search of line help.

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