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CBS execs want one last shot of Tebowmania, but QB says no

It's easy to picture CBS executives sitting in a conference room Monday morning, racking their brains for a way to keep Tebowmania on their programming schedule after the Broncos were eliminated from the playoffs.

Facts are facts and Tim Tebow is a god -- at least in terms of TV ratings. Any game involving the quarterback gave the network viewing numbers that bordered on the absurd. Now the suits had to find a way to capture that lightning in a bottle.

Their plan was a simple one. If we can't have Tebow in the game, let's have him in the studio. And so it was that Tebow was offered a chance to join the network's studio team for Sunday's AFC Championship Game coverage.

It was a good idea, but ultimately a fruitless one. According to CBS sports chairman Sean McManus, Tebow's not interested.

"Tim Tebow has decided not to appear," McManus said Tuesday, according to USA Today. "(The network) is perfectly fine with the lineup we have."

Tebow's presence undoubtedly would have boosted numbers, but Joe Viewer probably won't miss much in the way of insight. Tebow might know ratings, but we're still waiting on the man to say something even tangibly interesting.

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