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Carter talks with Irvin about Canton, Moss' comeback

It's been a rough couple of weeks for Cris Carter.

Many believed this would be the year the Vikings great would get the call to Canton, but Carter didn't even qualify for the final group of eligible inductees, joining wideouts Andre Reed and Tim Brown as snubbed 1990s playmakers.

Carter discussed his frustration at being passed over for the gold jacket once again Tuesday on "The Michael Irvin Show."

"I don't look at the (eligibility) list every year," Carter said on WQAM-AM in Miami (via "I felt good my first year. I am the only person alive that's eligible for the Hall of Fame that has 130 touchdowns that is not in it, so when you have a stat like that.

"You got more touchdowns than Jim Brown and Walter Payton ... I am not campaigning for the Hall of Fame, so for me, the list doesn't change every year," Carter went on. "My numbers ain't going to change. It's just too much productivity over the time ... like I have no argument, Mike. I really don't."'s Peter King, a member of the 44-man committee that selects the Hall of Fame's annual inductees, said Wednesday on "The Dan Patrick Show" that Carter hasn't been kept out of Canton "because he is a jerk."

On Tuesday, Randy Moss ripped Carter, who said during a TV spot earlier in the day that teams interested in the recently un-retired wideout must worry about the "quit in him." Moss responded by tweeting to Carter, "its sad how u stroked ur own ego when u were suppose to b my mentor! u wonder why karma bites u in the ass!#goodlukwithhof"

Carter might not have been aware of Moss' tweet when he spoke with Irvin, though he did take a less-critical stance toward his former Vikings teammate.

"Well, if he could run ... if he could run and if he has the hunger to play? I think you can give him an incentive-laden contract," Carter said. "Every other time Randy said that he was ready to play? He was ready to play."

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