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Carson Palmer: 'I'm definitely in a better place'

Carson Palmer left a team in Cincinnati that looked to be just starting the rebuilding process. They made the playoffs.

He joined a team in Oakland that was 4-2 until starter Jason Campbell got hurt. Palmer had his moments with the Raiders last season, but ultimately the team played poorly down the stretch and missed the playoffs at 8-8. Add that all up, and the Bengals have to feel like they decisively won their trade with Oakland.

Palmer feels like both sides won.

"It was time to move on and it was time for them to move on and they're in a better place and I'm definitely in a better place," Palmer said Monday on the Dan Patrick Show.

The Bengals picked up an extra first-round pick with the Palmer trade which turned into Dre Kirkpatrick. They have a franchise quarterback in place in Andy Dalton and even better franchise receiver in A.J. Green. They are definitely in a better place, although we can't argue with Palmer's point: His relationship with the Bengals ran its course.

"I had put in, going on nine years, and gave everything I had and I don't look back and regret anything. But it was time to move on," Palmer said. "They had a young team that was an up-and-coming team. It was time for me to move on. I think in the years to come both organizations will look back and say this thing was the best thing to happen."

Bengals fans agree. For it to be true for the Raiders, Palmer will need to lead the team back to the playoffs. 

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