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Carson Palmer dined with Arizona Cardinals on Monday

Carson Palmer remains in limbo, but it's hard to imagine his situation lasting for too long. Oakland Raiders coach Dennis Allen publicly admitted hours after the team's acquisition of Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Flynn on Monday that Palmer and the Raiders were parting ways.

Meanwhile, Palmer was in Arizona having dinner with the Arizona Cardinals' brass, according to Kent Somers of The Arizona Republic.

That doesn't mean a trade is on the verge of happening. reported Monday that negotiations had hit a "snag." It's unclear if the holdup involved the trade terms with the Raiders (unlikely), or more likely, the negotiations over Palmer's new contract terms with the Cardinals.

Palmer might try to force his release because the Raiders clearly can't afford to keep him on the roster indefinitely. That, theoretically, would allow Palmer to shop his services around the NFL, but he seems to know that no other team wants him more than the Cardinals do.

A deal might happen Tuesday, or it might happen in the next few weeks. But it would be a shock at this point if Palmer wasn't dining with the Cardinals all season.

UPDATE: Palmer was traded to the Cardinals on Tuesday.

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